Sandra Shields
Magicienne of Marketing Magic

"For the second year your performance and effectiveness on our behalf can only be described as truly outstanding! Someone asked who was the marketing genius who hired you!"
                                                     Uniglobe Travel

"Sandra is a great magician. She could sell anything."
                                                                  Bob Hope


Sandra Shields will equal or surpass any live action presentation ever used as a trade show people stopper.  She does it pleasantly and with the impact of a mule kick.  The sales reps manning the booth like her presence and enjoy watching her deliver a meticulously drafted script about the product or concept.  Sandra goes on so often show attendees can't miss her.  She's always ready for that special client's time schedule, and she does it with unbeatable professionalism.

Sandra understands that her goal is to act as a people stopper and form a bridge of communication between her sponsors and the trade show audiences.  She understands that enthusiasm is the fuel that sparks sales and that she is in your booth to make YOUR advertising message register.

In addition to her outgoing personality, she is an acknowledged expert in her field.  Sandra is skilled in the international appeal of sleight-of-hand.  Show attendees want to stop to listen to her exposition of your product or concept.

Simply using "a magician" as a draw is like using "a pianist" when one needs a Horowitz.

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