"Thank you so much for your phenomenal performance in our Direct Marketing Booth during our annual vendor show.  You did an excellent job of tying in our customer loyalty program into your very entertaining act.  Our booth was one of the most popular attractions at the show and provided us with extremely positive feedback.  It was great to see a program we're so dedicated to communicated in such a fun and engaging manner."

Blue Cross Blue Shield
"Thanks so much for making the October 28 laptop Rollout for the Eastern Division Sales Reps such a great success!  What fun!  The intent of the meeting was to introduce this new tool and the related technology and Corporate support in a very positive fashion, and have some fun, too!  Well, you certainly set the tone for the meeting.  Reaction from the Vice President, senior managers, and sales reps was very positive.  They were very pleased at how well you integrated into your magical act issues about laptop technology and about our exciting suite of health care products.  And your close was a show stopper!  I don't think Scott will ever forget it!"
PS "I bump into many of the Eastern Division Reps on a regular basis, and they always ask the same question: how did Sandra get that dollar into the box of software!"

Harvard Business School

"I am writing to thank you again for the wonderful performance you gave as part of our "Mastering Change" program at the Harvard Business School. Your humor and magical expertise added to our program and the many CEOs, Presidents and VPs that attended our workshop were very excited with your performance. Your magic and the atmosphere it created fit very well with our program on mastering change."

"Thank you so much for the great performance you gave at our Personal and Family Finance Expo.  It helped convey our message that finance doesn't have to be stuffy and boring.  I truly enjoyed working with someone of your caliber." 


"I want to take a moment to thank you for the work you have done on behalf of TACO at both the NEFI Show in Boston back in the Spring, and at the ASA Show in San Francisco last week.  Both shows were extremely effective and important shows for TACO, and your presence greatly enhanced TACO'S image.  Really, your work was much more than image enhancement. You were truly and uniquely able to involve our customers with TACO in a way that I saw happening at no other booth at the show.  I can give you only the highest recommendation possible for the work you do, and look forward to your involvement with TACO in the future."

Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation
"The two days you worked for us you did an outstanding job.  We will recommend you to anyone.  Thanks Sandra"

"Thank you so much for making our NRA show a success for the second year in a row.  Your magical powers and sales ability enabled us to get our message through to the potential customers in a very entertaining, yet effective way.  You consistently gathered a large crowd which enabled our salespeople to further explain our products' features and benefits.  We couldn't have done it without you!" 

"Thank you so much for the wonderful performance that you gave as part of our launch of Lotus 123 Release 4.  Your professionalism, humor and magical abilities combined to form a very effective presentation which complimented our product demonstrations very nicely."

"Thank you for the excitement of your magical illusions at our corporate meeting. The focus of the meeting was to present our new company vision and reinforce it to our organization.  We wanted a presentation that would incorporate our products and vision in an enjoyable and exciting manner.  Your presentation added the thrill of magic that turned our meeting into something special."


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